Baer, Karl Ernst Von

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Estonian-born German biologist and embryologist. He studied medicine and comparative anatomy before becoming professor of zoology at Königsberg University in 1817. Ten years later he discovered the mammalian ovum, and traced its development from the Graafian follicle to the embryo. He demonstrated that similar organs in different animals developed from the same germ layers. He also noted the similarities between the young embryos of widely different species (the biogenetic law), which provided Charles Darwin with important evidence for his theory of evolution.

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… ohann Friedrich Hersker (18th cent — 1806), Ruskies botanist
Michel Adanson (1727-1806), The french language naturalist (abbr. within botany: Adans. )
Hersker Afzelius (1750-1837), Ersus…

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… 1) Baer’s regulation, given its name Karl Ernst vonseiten Baer, states that within the north hemisphere, chafing occurs mostly about the right banking institutions of streams, and the the southern area of this individual…

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… The
Humayun Abdulali (1914-2001), Indian native ornithologist
Erik Acharius (1757-1819), Swedish botanist
Johann Friedrich Hersker (18th cent — 1806), Ruskies botanist

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Baer, Karl Ernst von

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Baer, Karl Ernst von

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Baer, Karl Ernst von

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Baer, Karl Ernst von

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Aus baltischer Geistesarbeit- Karl Ernst vonseiten Baer – Die Auffassung som lebenden Natur ist natürlich die korrekte (German Edition)

Karl Ernst vonseiten Baer (* seventeen. Februarjul. and twenty-eight. Februar 1792greg. gerade auf Digestive tract Piep (estnisch: Piibe), jetzt Ort Rakke, within Estland; † sixteen. Novemberjul. and

De Fünfzigjährige Doctor-Jubiläum De nombreuses Geheimraths Karl Ernst Vonseiten Baer, Feel twenty nine. Aug 1864 (German Edition)

This guide was initially published before 1923, as well as represents a duplication of an essential historical function, keeping the same structure as the or perhaps

Karl Ernst vonseiten Baer (German Edition)

This guide has been digitized and published from the series of the College of California Your local library. Jointly, the greater than 100 UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA Librarie