Parasexual Cycle

Definition of parasexual cycle
A type of reproduction in fungi that results in genetic recombination without the formation and fusion of gametes. It occurs in heterokaryotic mycelia, in which two haploid nuclei fuse and then divide by mitosis, during which a form of crossing over occurs. During subsequent divisions chromosomes are progressively lost from the resultant diploid nucleus so that the haploid condition is restored. The asexual spores produced during the cycle will be genetically different from the original parent mycelium as a result of the crossing over that has occurred.

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… inherited genes and molecular the field of biology in this patient challenging). Lately a parasexual routine has been explained by which diploid cellular material mate to create…
Guido Pontecorvo selection now online

… Pontecorvo’s inherited genes research and also the patents submitted for his breakthrough from the parasexual routine; correspondence concerning the Division of Genetics on the University associated with Glasgow, as well as…

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Parasexual routine

Top quality Content through WIKIPEDIA content articles! The particular parasexual routine (or parasexuality), a procedure peculiar in order to fungi as well as single-celled microorganisms, is really a no